Version Française Horus Groupe

Group presentation

Horus an independent technical consultancy and assistance group based in France, created in 1994, and working mainly in the developing countries.

The Horus Group consists of four areas of activity:

  • Horus Entreprises (formerly ICEA-Entreprises), specialising in studies and consultancy in strategy, management and restructuring of companies in the agri-business sector.
  • Horus Development Finance (formerly Horus Banque et Finance), specialising in micro-finance and the banking sector. Its activity is centred on the following areas: institutional and strategic studies, organisational and financial audits (including valuations/assessments), and description and implementation of information systems.
  • Horus Systèmes d’Information , specialising in management computing - audit and consultancy in the area of management information systems - design, development and installation of management computer systems. Horus Information systems operates mainly in the telecommunications area.
  • Horus Telecom & Utilities , specializing in consulting and marketing for telecommunications operators.


Management & staff

The management of Horus group is composed of 5 founding partners:

Dominique BARON, CEO Horus Telecom & Utilities

Michel BAUDOIN, CEO Horus Entreprises

Jean-Luc DESCHAMPS-BERGER, CEO Horus Systèmes d'informations

Claude FALGON, CEO Horus Development Finance

Jean-Hubert GALLOUET, Deputy CEO Horus Development Finance


The Horus team is composed of around 60 full-time consultants.  All the assignements are headed by the full time consultants (no subcontracting to independent consultants), which enables them:

  • to guarantee a common approach to operations, both on the ground and in the reports
  • to benefit from the sharing of experience between the consultants and to capitalise their knowledge